This 10 minute promo is cut from interviews and re-creations directed by David Massar, along with excerpts from the documentary Conviction:  The True Story of Clarence Elkins and various TV documentaries and newsmagazines, including DatelineAmerican Justice48 Hours, and two Investigation Discovery anthology shows, I Didn't Do It and Motives and Murders (for which David's interviews and re-creations were shot).

MISS AMERICA delves deeply into the character of Melinda Elkins and explores the inner and outer forces that empower her to prevail against the odds during her extraordinary ordeal.  That story is yet to be told. Screenplay available on request. 


* With thanks to Mike West and Bill Ward, Rachel Maguire, Towers Productions, all of the producers and broadcasters responsible for the footage herein, and all of the subjects who appear in the excerpted programs.  This demo is for informational purposes only, and all rights to the footage belong to the originators .  Reproduction or broadcast in any media is not authorized.